Video has surfaced of a Black Lives Matter protester spitting in the face of a Trump supporter outside his rally at the Times Union Center in Albany, New York.

The protester spits in the face of a woman wearing a Trump shirt. The woman then tries to take video of her attacker, but is blocked. Other protesters then claim the Trump supporter is “bringing your hate” while they’re actually the “peaceful people.”

Check out the video (NSFW: Language) …

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Via Newsmax:

A video posted to the Internet Monday evening shows what appears to be a protester from Black Lives Matter spitting on a woman wearing a Donald Trump shirt outside of a rally in Albany, N.Y.

The video, which contains offensive language, begins with two women — one white, one black — arguing. The black woman then spits in the other one’s face.

The website InfoWars identifies the woman as a Black Lives Matter protester.

The Albany chapter of Black Lives Matter must have taken a break from defending the SUNY Albany girls who “peacefully” fabricated a race crime after actually assaulting fellow students themselves.