WATCH: Bill Clinton Interacts With New Yorker – Until He Asks This Question

A video of former President Bill Clinton chatting with a random citizen in New York is making the rounds on social media, not because of what was said, but because of what was ignored.

Clinton is being driven around the streets of New York in his Prius super environmentally-unfriendly SUV when a vehicle pulls alongside a random gentleman on the sidewalk. The man in that video starts chatting it up with the former President.

The man in the vehicle is clearly a supporter of Clinton’s. I mean, he really supports just about everything he ever did in office. Which makes the exchange even more hilarious.

Most of his comments earn a salute or a thumbs up from the Democrat.

“You the best President man,” the man yells. “Trump gotta go.”

Salute. Thumbs up. Faint “thank you.”

“Tell Hillary I said ‘what up,’ Bill Clinton.”

A wave and a thumbs up.

Then this happened …


“How’s Monica?” he shouts.

And that is when the window goes up.

The man in the video laughs that he “put the window up when I said ‘How’s Monica?’”

This year – in fact, seven days ago – mark the 20th anniversary of the Lewinsky/Clinton scandal entering the public consciousness. Analysis of the affair has seen a bit of a comeback with the recent #MeToo movement surging in the news.

Several Democrats, despite having supported Clinton for years after the affair, the lying under oath, the rape accusations, etc., finally admitted he should have resigned at the time.

Last year she wrote about how “honored” she was that Bill had campaigned for her.

— Brit Hume (@brithume) November 17, 2017


As for the video above, viewers couldn’t help but make jokes about Clinton’s reaction.

Don’t remind him man..😂😂 you ruined his day

— KRM Lionheart 🤠 (@i_KRMO) January 25, 2018


Some of those jokes can’t be repeated here … but we’re sure you can imagine the gist of them.


Who knows, maybe Bill was on one of his famous runs to meet up with another mistress when this man interrupted.

Former President Bill Clinton used secret service to visit multiple other flings and Hillary Clinton had no idea? Yet on allegations against Trump, Hillary said “we can’t excuse the President” & he’s “disgraced the office.” Hypocrisy 🤔

— Britt McHenry (@BrittMcHenry) January 5, 2018


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