(Watch) Astorino’s Son to Cuomo: Stop Telling Lies About My Dad

In response to Democrats shilling for Governor Cuomo in a new ad that criticizes Republican Rob Astorino for being – wait for it – a Dolphins fan, and photo-shopping his son out of a picture, the Republican’s 10-year-old son made an ad of his own.

Sean Astorino sent a video message to Cuomo, asking if he really likes “chopping up Astorino family photos?”  He would also add, “while I’ve got you, stop telling lies about my dad on TV.”

Via the Times Union:

Gov. Cuomo, Sean Astorino would like a word with you.

Yes, that Sean Astorino — Republican gubernatorial candidate Rob Astorino’s 10-year-old son. He released an online video message to Andrew Cuomo in response to the Erie County Democratic Committee’s “Rob Astorino likes the Dolphins” ad from the weekend and the fact that he was taken out of a photo with his dad taken at a Dolphins game in Miami.

Watch Sean in action below…

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