With primaries coming up in coal-rich states such as Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Ohio, Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton shocked voters when she vowed to put coal miners out of business.

The remarks echo those of President Obama who claimed his strict regulations on the coal industry would cause electricity rates to “necessarily skyrocket”and whose climate adviser claimed “a war on coal is exactly what’s needed.”

Watch Clinton’s comments below …

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A report from four months ago indicate that Obama’s war on coal has cost over $650 billion and 125,000 jobs.

The Republican National Committee responded with this statement:

“Each Democrat town hall is a reminder of the out-of-touch and extreme policies being proposed by the Democrat Party.  A majority of Americans want a new direction for the country after eight years of failed policies under President Obama, but Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders continue to offer more of the same misguided agenda that has made us less prosperous, less safe, and less free.”

Clinton has vowed to keep the war on coal going should she be elected President.

“Do the American people, and even more so, the voters in coal dependent states such as Ohio, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania, recognize that they deserve more from a President?”