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After failing to deliver a promised 200,000 jobs to New York as senator, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has resorted to bragging about small-time projects she championed at the time.

Clinton has repeatedly highlighted her work to secure federal funds for an artist residential community in Buffalo, for example. Artspace provides reduced-price housing for about 60 starving artists, as well as a gallery and performance space for their art.

The federally-subsidized housing created a few jobs, and for “thirty-something designer” Jenna Abts and the other artists who live there, it’s certainly beneficial. But the project is hardly the kind of thing a two-term senator would highlight as an accomplishment.

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A New York Republican sums it up nicely in a quote provided to The Washington Post:

“To have someone running for president of the United States bragging about an Artspace apartment building in Buffalo is laughable,” Nicholas Langworthy, Republican Party chairman in Erie County, told The Washington Post. “That’s a project a city council member or a small-city mayor would champion, not a U.S. senator.”

Langworthy is cited in a deep dive on Clinton’s jobs record in New York. Despite promising to bring 200,000 jobs to the state as senator, The Washington Post found there is “little evidence” her efforts had any meaningful effect. Nevertheless, she’s incorporating similarly big promises into her presidential campaign, promising to make the “boldest” investment in job creation since World War II.

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