Walmart Won’t Bow To PC Bathroom Crowd Like Target, Reaps The Rewards

The Political Insider recently reported on sales plummeting at Target retail stores due to their controversial transgender bathroom policy.

As Kosar writes, “It’s clear that the massive number of people who are furious about their bathroom policy has hurt them financially.”

Not only is Target in a tailspin over a massive boycott of their stores due to rules that would allow men to share restrooms with women, but their chief competitor – the store every liberal loves to hate – Walmart, has seen their sales surge because they don’t have the same rules.

Customers are so fed up with the PC bathroom nonsense at Target, that they’re taking their business to Walmart instead.

Check out the following sales report …


The world’s largest retailer ringing in a beat on both its top and bottom lines for the first quarter. Same-store sales grew by a better-than-expected 1% as the company kept costs under control.

A business columnist at the New York Post explores the reason behind Walmart’s sales exceeding expectations:

Walmart flushed its critics on Thursday.

During a cycle of dismal retail earnings, the largest US retailer reported first quarter profits and sales that beat Wall Street expectations — pushing the stock up 9.3 percent in morning trading.

The better-than-expected performance comes after a New York satellite data company observed greater car traffic in Walmart parking lots across the country late in the first quarter.

The increased car traffic came after Target, a rival discount chain, took a controversial position on the use of its bathrooms and fitting rooms by transgender customers.

Walmart has taken no such stand for the transgender bathroom push being propagated by the far-left.

Prior to the bathroom controversy, Walmart’s sales gains lagged behind Target’s same-store sales on average by 1 percent, noted Edward Jones analyst Brian Yarbrough.

Target has been spinning the news furiously. As a reality-challenged Tommy Christopher at Mediaite writes, the Target CEO claims his stores have “not seen a material or measurable impact on our business.”

Christopher called it “good news for those who favor inclusion.”

We call it ‘quality fiction for those trying to put women and children at risk in favor of PC policies.’

Target’s sales are plunging while Walmart’s are surging. All over a men/women’s bathroom policy that had worked fairly well for many years prior to the Obama era.

Kosar writes, “Target and their shareholders will have to decide if they would rather make money or be “politically” correct.”

They better decide before it’s too late.

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