WalkAway Democrats Turned Trump Supporters Fill The Streets of DC, Encourage the Silent Majority to Stand Up

Hundreds of ‘walkaway Democrats’ filled the streets of Washington, D.C. this weekend and encouraged the ‘silent majority’ to stand tall just weeks before the election.

The #WalkAway campaign, founded by former liberal, Brandon Straka, encourages Democrats to leave their party behind and join Republicans and President Trump to make a better America.

And, as Straka states, the #WalkAway movement consists of people from various backgrounds coming together for one cause.

“There’s so many lies and so much misinformation about who Trump supporters are, who the president is,” Straka claims.

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“We want people to see that we are every slice of America – gay, straight, transgender black, white, brown marching together, loving one another, loving this country, loving our president.”

The #WalkAwayCampaign March is making its way down Pennsylvania Avenue.
The group has been chanting #walkaway from the Democratic Party as well as “four more years” and “back the blue”

The March almost has a #President Trump rally feel to it@wusa9 pic.twitter.com/9tYQTBv4nr

— Kolbie Satterfield (@KolbieReports) October 3, 2020


WalkAway Democrats Encourage the Silent Majority To Become ‘Unsilent’

Straka encouraged other Democrats to WalkAway and noted it’s time for the ‘silent majority’ of Trump supporters to reveal themselves.

“It’s time for the silent majority to become unsilent,” he encouraged.

“What we want is for common sense people, good-hearted, big-hearted, kind, loving, compassionate people to start speaking up.”

It’s no Joe Biden rally, but it’ll do ? #WalkAway #getOUTspoken pic.twitter.com/1iPtIVvA9V

— OUTspoken (@getoutspoken20) October 4, 2020


Straka told reporters that silence from the right is allowing the left to become more extreme.

“What we mean when we say that [become unsilent] is, because of the silence of those not on the left … the left has been allowed to become radicalized,” he explained.

An incredibly minor skirmish took place b4 yesterday’s event- immediately neutralized by DC police. Media on both sides trying to focus on this & I won’t have it. We put on an EPIC, spectacular, beautiful, & peaceful weekend-we’re so proud! Thousands had the best weekend ever! pic.twitter.com/yLKdLDXzx0

— Brandon Straka (@BrandonStraka) October 4, 2020


Trump Campaign Supporting the Group

A mild skirmish broke out between the WalkAway Democrats rally and a counterprotest by Black Lives Matter (BLM).

Straka tweeted that the incident was “immediately neutralized by DC police,” refusing to allow that to become the narrative of their event.

U.S. Park Police arrested #BlackLivesMatter protesters who assaulted officers at the #UnSilentMarch. BLM protesters came to disturb the rally using megaphones with sirens. pic.twitter.com/S61BvLC1jT

— Kevin R Hogan (@KRHogan_NTD) October 3, 2020


The DC Chapter of BLM complained that the WalkAway event was a “white supremacy” rally.

Which will come as a surprise to the many minority speakers who spoke at the event.

Hey all! Don’t forget, tomorrow (Saturday) we meet at Freedom Plaza in DC at 11 AM and March to Sylvan theater for our big big big rally tomorrow beginning at 12:30 PM at Sylvan! Let’s do this!!!! pic.twitter.com/y0Fn6QLDxI

— Brandon Straka (@BrandonStraka) October 3, 2020


Christopher Anderson, a candidate for Baltimore City Council, tweeted about the rally.

“For too long, our voices were silenced by incompetent and indifferent politicians,” he said. “We’ve [had enough] In Baltimore City, we are beyond ready for change!”

Happy to have joined @BrandonStraka , other members of the #UnsilentMajority in DC.For too long, our voices were silenced by incompetent and indifferent politicians.We’ve #HadEnough In Baltimore City,we are beyond ready for change! #WalkAway #WALKAWAY2020 pic.twitter.com/zWvNPgSpm4

— Christopher Anderson (@CAnderson2020) October 4, 2020


Earlier this month, the campaign for President Trump released a devastating ad touting several people involved with the “#WalkAway” movement.

“His entire campaign works for all Americans,” one woman states. “That was a turning point for me.”

“One of the hardest things to do is to challenge your own beliefs,” another explains. “I want people to hear my story and know that you can actually go from being a democratic socialist to a Trump supporter.”


The campaign has been focusing on the group knowing they view President Trump as the more free speech, anti-war candidate, something moderates can support over Joe Biden.

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