Violent Crime – Which Was Ignored at the DNC – Now One of the Most Important Issues For Voters

A recent poll from the Pew Research Center indicates violent crime is a major issue amongst voters heading into the 2020 presidential election.

A sizable 59 percent of voters in the survey indicate that violent crime, which President Trump has framed as happening in Democrat-controlled cities, is a “very important” factor in casting their ballots.

When broken down by party affiliation, the party of law and order becomes clear: 46 percent of Joe Biden supporters view violent crime as an important factor, while 74 percent of President Trump’s backers feel the same.

Violent crime ranks just a shade behind the coronavirus pandemic in terms of importance, but well behind the economy, a category in which “the Republican Party holds a 9 percentage point edge over the Democrats.”

“A new Pew survey found that violent crime is now the fifth-most important issue for votes, with 59% listing it as ‘very important’ to their vote. For context, it’s nearly as important to Americans as the coronavirus, which ranks fourth with 63%”

— Josh Kraushaar (@HotlineJosh) August 24, 2020


Bad News

News that American voters are more concerned about violent crime than alleged racial inequality, economic inequality, and climate change will certainly come as a surprise to the Democrats, who failed to address rioting in the streets at last week’s party convention.

In fact, they pushed their radical anti-police agenda even further to the extreme.

One panelist at the Democratic National Convention (DNC) called to abolish the police. More than that, they called for a complete end to law enforcement – from the police, to ICE, to prisons in general.

“We’re talking about abolishing the police. We’re talking about abolishing ICE. We’re talking about abolishing prisons,” they proudly proclaimed.

Meanwhile, Biden has said he would “absolutely” divert funds from police because some have “become the enemy.”

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Joe Biden says police have “BECOME THE ENEMY” and calls for CUTTING police funding: “Yes, absolutely!”

— Trump War Room – Text TRUMP to 88022 (@TrumpWarRoom) July 8, 2020


“These days, Democrats are profoundly uncomfortable talking about the rise in violent crime in many major cities,” writes Josh Kraushaar of the National Journal. “It went unmentioned throughout the four days of their convention, even as it’s growing in importance for many voters.

Trump = Law and Order

The poll results come amid a dramatic spike in violent crime in major U.S. cities – many prompted by Democrat-encouraged riots. It turns out the average voter isn’t a fan of random beatings, killings, and arson, whether in the name of social justice or otherwise.

Who knew? The media has been telling people these ‘protests’ which include trying to burn down businesses and cities, are historic and akin to the American Revolution.

The Wall Street Journal notes that the country’s largest cities have all seen a massive spike in murders – a 24% increase this year so far over 2019.

President Trump, by contrast, has consistently denounced the violence.

“The mayors and governors of these states and cities have an absolute duty to use all resources necessary to end the violence and all of the injury and death,” he declared.

Trump is poised to paint a picture of the difference between Republicans and Democrats on violent crime during the Republican National Convention (RNC).

He needs to show the American people how his administration will work with states and cities to get the rising violent-crime wave under control, and why Biden will only exacerbate the problems.

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