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(VIDEO) White House Sides With Dallas Mavericks’ National Anthem Ban: It Recognizes U.S. Failings

Would you join a third party led by Donald Trump?


DOOCY: “What does President Biden think about the Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban decided to indefinitely stop playing the national anthem before his National Basketball Association games?”

PSAKI: “Well, I — I haven’t spoken with the President about the decision by Mark Cuban on the Dallas Mavericks, or I should say the national anthem, but I know that he is incredibly proud to be an American and has great respect for the anthem and all that it represents, especially for our men and women serving in uniform around the world.

He’d also say that of course, that part of the pride in our country means recognizing moments where we as a country haven’t lived up to our highest ideals, which is often and at times what people are speaking to when they take action at sporting events, and it means respecting the right of people created to them in the Constitution to peacefully protest.

That’s why he ran for president in the first place and that’s what he’s focused on doing.”

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