Video: Union Thugs Attack Conservative Group, MSNBC Wonders if They Did It to Themselves

Another day, another protest, another case of physical violence perpetrated by union thugs.

Yesterday, at a Michigan Right-to-Work protest, violent union members took their cue from a Michigan Democrat who proudly proclaimed that “there will be blood” over the state legislators recent actions.

They certainly gave it a shot.

Fox News contributor Steven Crowder was on the scene, a move that nearly cost him his own blood.  It didn’t take long before the union thugs were attacking an organization known as Americans For Prosperity (AFP), tearing down their tent with people still inside, brandishing knives to slash said tents, and even physically assaulting Crowder himself, with one man punching him in the face four times.

Here’s video of this heinous assault:

Most notable were members of the union crowd earlier in the day chanting “This is what democracy looks like”.  No, this is what it looks like to have liberal goons respond to a democratic process that they don’t like.  These people that passed Right-to-Work in Michigan were elected democratically, they passed the bill democratically, and it will be signed into law democratically.
What the union crowd did on the other hand, is what a “third world country looks like”.

This only happens at Union protests. It is why people die at union protests. Don’t believe me? Research Richard Trumka’s past. Talk about blood on your hands. It was a disgraceful showing, all over giving government employees a choice of joining a union or not.

Imagine this was a Tea Party event…

And speaking of imagining, the crew over at MSNBC (specifically Ed Schultz) have run with a wild conspiracy theory about yesterday’s events, advancing the notion sans evidence (one lone union member spoke) that the AFP group tore down their own tent.

I’m quite certain that the “Tenters” over at MSNBC can also find someone who would claim that Crowder actually punched himself in the face as well.  Liberal investigative journalism at it’s finest.

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