VIDEO: Trump Rips ‘Low Life’ Mitt Romney at CPAC for Impeachment Vote

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>> A lot of bad people and I think justice will be had. I do believe that or I wouldn’t be very happy right now. We got through everything. We got through — they gave us the Mueller hoax. They gave us the Russia, Russia crap. They gave us one phone call, perfect phone call, let’s get him out of office for the phone call. The Republicans stuck together except Romney, of course. Low life. Low life. Except Romney, even him I got half a vote. I think he did actually vote one, he couldn’t do it all, he we wanted to get nice free publicity for himself, but it was 52 and a half out of 53 votes. I guess you could say that, right, 52 and a half, think of it the Republicans were fantastic — I tell you what, that’s when you find out who your friends are really. We had 52 and a half votes and in the house we had 107, think of it, 107 to nothing with the Republicans. 107 to nothing and we got 3 Democrats and one came over and left the Democrat party. Van drew. Jeff van drew and bring people back home and then what happened the

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