Video: Teacher’s Union President Says Common Core is Child Abuse

At a Common Core forum held Tuesday at Ward Melville High School, Beth Dimino ripped New York State Education Commissioner John King, calling for his “resignation and firing” and describing the Common Core curriculum as a form of “child abuse.”  Dimino is a 16-year science teacher in the Comsewogue School District, and serves as President of the Port Jefferson Station Teachers Association (PJSTA).

Her speech, a short two-minute blast on the curriculum and its supporters received several outbursts of applause, as well as a standing ovation when she walked away from the podium.

Here is the transcript of her speech:

I’m a teacher in the state of New York, and as such I am a mandated reporter.  And I’m here to report that we are abusing children in the state of New York.  (Applause).

There is now a common core syndrome.  Do you understand what that means?  We have children that are being diagnosed by psychologists with a syndrome directly related to work they do in the class room.  If that’s not child abuse, I don’t know what is.

I’m very happy Miss Tisch that you’re here, because I have fifty letters with me and I’ve mailed you three hundred others asking for Mr. King’s resignation and firing.

I have no problem being judged by anyone, I was judged as ‘highly effective’ last year as Dr. Joe Relick can attest to. Obviously Mr. King, you’re ineffective – 70% of the children in this state failed your test.

I appreciate, Mr. Flanagan, that you’re listening.  But I’m not sure you’re hearing.  So what I’m going to tell you is, because you’ve awoken the mommies you’re in trouble.  What’s going to happen is that hundreds of thousands of mommies are going to fill out this form and they are going to have their children refuse to take the test, because the mommies in New York don’t abuse their children.  And they’re not going to let bullies do that either.  (Standing Ovation)

I spoke with Dimino via e-mail, asking her about specifics regarding her charge of Common Core amounting to child abuse.

“You can go on YouTube and see psychologists speaking at different education forums around the country referring to what they call a CC syndrome,” she explained.

“They are seeing younger and younger children in their offices for high stress related problems because of the child’s exposure to the testing.”

The video of Dimino’s speech is below…

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