Video Surfaces of Congressional Candidate Calling For An “Obama Dynasty”

If I had a life-threatening case of the hiccups and the only cure was to frighten the ever-loving bejeezus out of me, uttering the words “Barack Obama Dynasty” would certainly do the trick.

Domenic Recchia (NY-11), a Democrat congressional candidate apparently got caught up in the mind-numbing rock star craze of Obamamania back in January of 2009, calling for a “Barack Obama dynasty.”

Moe Lane writes:

First off, and most importantly: this is a democratic republic, Mister Recchia, not a monarchy*. A lot of people died to make it and keep it that way. Second: …”dynasty?” That word.  I do not think it means what he thinks it means.  Or was Recchia implying that our nascent bad habit of always drawing our Presidents from the same few families was going to continue? – Because there are a lot of people out there who think that this tendency needs to be stamped on, hard.

And lastly: man, did Domenic Recchia pick the wrong horse in 2009 or what, huh?  Who here is willing to bet that Recchia wants Barack Obama to campaign for him in 2014?  Anyone? Anyone? – Yeah, me neither.

NRCC spokesman Ian Prior made the following statement regarding Recchia’s call for a dynasty:

“While most Democrats across the country are trying to distance themselves from Barack Obama, it looks like Domenic Recchia is going to have a hard time doing that with a video out there of Recchia calling for a ‘Barack Obama dynasty.’ Given the problem Democrats had actually reading Obamacare before it was passed, it’s certainly understandable that the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee would recruit someone who hasn’t read the Constitution.”

Recchia knows all about dynasty’s, having done favors for ‘the family,’ asking for leniency for Colombo mobster Angelo Spata. Spata was facing 21 months in prison for money laundering and illegal gambling.  Recchia wrote to a federal judge presiding over the case asking him to consider Spata’s community service when a sentence is handed down.

So was Recchia misinterpreting the word “dynasty” and calling for a monarchy as Moe Lane suggests, or is this the keep it in the family scenario in which Michelle Obama continues the reign?  Perhaps Recchia is simply unable to escape mob talk in public.

Either way, my hiccups are cured thank you very much.

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