A video released by a self-described “political prankster” shows students willing to sign a petition to support gun control efforts, including repealing the Second Amendment altogether, placing registered gun owners into concentration camps, and/or executing legal gun owners.

The students are asked to sign the petition despite the petitioner growing more and more absurd in his description of what his group supports.  For example, he sells them on these platforms:

“We want to disarm the citizens.”

“These peasants don’t need guns.”

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“We’re trying to repeal the Second Amendment and put all gun owners in prison.  The registered gun owners, put them in prison.”

“We’ll be terminating and executing all of the gun owners.”

“Really what we’d like to do is just take the gun owners guns – the registered legal ones – and just … shoot them.  I mean these people, they like their guns so much, let’s just feed the gun owners some of their own lead…”

It goes on and on, and yet the students keep adding their signatures to the petition.

The description from the YouTube video reads (h/t Weasel Zippers):

College Students Sign Petition to Imprison All Gun Owners. Shot in San Diego, California. Political prankster Mark Dice tells some of the students signing the petition that he’d like to kill all registered gun owners, and it doesn’t deter them from signing!

This is more a commentary on how people really just don’t listen to details when they could more readily accept tidy sound bites like “gun control.”