A reporter asked State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf today her thoughts on the Bowe Bergdahl trade for five high-ranking Taliban officials, saying that “most people would argue” it was not a good deal.

Harf disagreed.

Via the Free Beacon:

When Fox News reporter Lucas Tomlinson said that “most would argue” trading an alleged deserter for the five detainees was not a good deal, Harf replied “I don’t — I don’t think most would argue that.”

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She would also add that “the facts of how he got into Taliban custody have no bearing on whether or not we bring him home, period.”

Several reports have come out since the terrorist swap that Bergdahl had actually deserted his platoon, a move that would eventually lead to several fellow Americans losing their lives in the ensuing search.

Harf would also argue that the administration didn’t have all of the facts in 2010.  But a Pentagon investigation determined that Bergdahl walked off his base, a conclusion that one official called “incontrovertible.”

Watch the video below…