Video Shows Sick Hillary Staggering Towards Her Car

Hillary Clinton is constantly struggling to get around. She has issues getting up steps, climbing podiums, getting into airplanes, standing for lengths of time, etc.

And yet, she thought she had the stamina and ability to be the next President of the United States. How could she have operated under the schedule of the leader of the free world when she can’t even get into vehicles without a boatload of trouble?

Yet another video has surfaced of Hillary struggling to walk a mere 10 feet from a set of airplane stairs to a waiting vehicle. Husband Bill Clinton has to guide her towards the car where she pauses for a moment before getting in.

Two things – First, keep a very close eye on her legs and feet in this video. You can see them struggling to shuffle along, in a very similar manner to the incident on 9/11 in New York City. If you focus on her face and upper body, you might not see the problem.

Second, who needs to stop and prep themselves for the mundane task of sitting in their car? Most people I know open the car door and enter the vehicle. Hillary needs a moment to gather herself. And she doesn’t even need to open the door herself – that’s what her aides are for!

Check it out …

Hillary Clinton is greeted by Bill at the Philadelphia airport

— Jennifer Epstein (@jeneps) November 8, 2016


Via the American Mirror:

Bill Clinton met Hillary at the bottom of her airplane’s stairs in Philadelphia on Monday and she appeared to stumble as she made her way to the awaiting car.

Bill put his arm around her and she shuffled the short distance from the plane to the motorcade vehicle.

If this continued effort to prop Clinton up via inanimate objects or her aides continues, she could star in her own movie, Weekend at Hillary’s …

Earlier this month, The Political Insider analyzed the capacity of Hillary to successfully serve in the role of President of the United States with so many questionable health issues – including multiple falls, multiple coughing fits, emails from staff saying she’s “often confused,” constant sleeping, and excessive lying, all of which point to some sort of mental and physical health problems.

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