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(VIDEO) Rick Santelli Destroys CNBC Reporter For Pushing Coronavirus Lockdowns – ‘It’s Not Science!’

Were President Trump's four years in office a success?


KERNEN: “Rick, I just wanted to just highlight something that the background of this whole discussion comes with, what we’re seeing in terms of Covid cases, and we’re seeing, you know, maybe stimulus, but we’re seeing calls for not necessarily closing things down, but certainly there are some calls to close things down, except for the politicians themselves, but for their constituents they are talking about, you know, they need to be much more careful. We’re hearing, right?”

SANTELLI: “Yes. No, believe me, I believe in careful. And when I point out governors cheating, it’s not for the hypocrisy which exists, it’s the fact that I think many of these governors are intelligent people and they love their families, which they have taken out into restaurants. Therefore, there is actually and should be an ongoing debate as to, you know, why a parking lot for a big box store, like by my house, is jampacked, not one parking spot open. Why are those people any safer than a restaurant with Plexiglas? I just don’t get it. And I think there’s a million of these questions that could be asked, and I think it’s really sad that when we look at the service sector, and all the discussions we have had about job losses, that that particular dynamic isn’t studied more, isn’t worked more, we don’t put more people in a room to try to figure out ways so that these service sector employees and employers can all come back in a safer way. You can’t tell me that shutting down, which is the easiest answer, is necessarily the only answer.”

SORKIN: “Rick, just as a public health and public service announcement for the audience, the difference between a big box retailer —“

SANTELLI: “Wait, wait. First of all, who is this? Who is this?”

KERNEN: “Who else. It’s Andrew. Who else.”

SORKIN: “The difference between a big box retailer — hold on. The difference between a big box retailer and a restaurant or frankly, even a church, are so different it’s unbelievable. Going into a big box retailer, you’re wearing a mask.”

SANTELLI: “I disagree! I disagree! I disagree! You can have your thoughts and I can have mine.”

SORKIN: “It’s science. If you’re wearing a mask, it’s a different story.”

SANTELLI: “It’s not science! 500 people in a Lowe’s aren’t any safer than 150 people in a restaurant that holds 600. I don’t believe it! Sorry. Don’t believe it.”

SORKIN: “Okay. You don’t —“

SANTELLI: “And I live in an area where there’s a lot of restaurants that had fought back and they don’t have any problems, and they’re open!”

SORKIN: “Okay. You don’t have to believe it, but let me just say this, you’re doing a disservice to the viewer because the viewers need to understand it —“

SANTELLI: “You are doing a disservice to the viewer! You are! You are!”

SORKIN: “I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I would like to keep our viewers as healthy as humanly possible. The idea of packing people into restaurants and packing people into a Best Buy are completely different things.”

SANTELLI: “I think our viewers are smart enough to make part of those decisions on their own. I don’t think that I’m much smarter than all the viewers like some people do.”

LEE: “Can I get in here, please, and get back to the jobs report?”

LIESMAN: “How is that working out for you, Rick? How is it all working out for you? Look at the numbers, Rick.”

SANTELLI: “It’s working out fine. It’s working out fine, Steve.”

LIESMAN: “I think the numbers, Rick, belie — Rick, the numbers show that the idea of let it rip has not worked all that well.”

SANTELLI: “I understand it’s a horrible thing and people are getting sick and dying. I understand it. I just think the way we deal with it isn’t necessarily —“

LEE: “I think if we spend the rest of the show talking about this, there will be no agreement so let’s move on from here. Getting back to the jobs report.”

Rusty Weiss

Rusty Weiss is a freelance journalist focusing on the conservative movement and its political agenda. He has been writing conservatively charged articles for several years in the upstate New York area, and his writings have appeared in the Daily Caller, American Thinker,, Big Government, the Times Union, and the Troy Record. He is also Editor of one of the top conservative blogs of 2012, the Mental Recession.

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