Is Trump going to win in 2020?


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JACKSON LEE: “But I would offer to say that this symbol and language is clearly both misdirected and incorrect. This is not about America’s future. This is not about an investment in America’s future. This is a destructive document for ending America’s future, particularly as it relates to the question of investing in all of the people of this country youtube music download for mobile phone. I am stunned, literally stunned, at the various cuts including the trillion dollars that is being cut out of Medicare and Medicaid, including close to $4 billion that’s coming out of lifesaving medical research in light of coronavirus, there is a briefing coming up a minute or so. The reduction and education in districts like mine, $6.2 billion are focused on charter schools, private rather than public schools. I am stunned. I am stunned at the lack of sensitivity of what this country needs ps4 titelbilder downloaden. I am stunned that you would cut FEMA federal assistance coming from a district that experienced Hurricane Harvey, 51 trillion gallons of gas, primarily state and local grants critical for terrorism and disaster preparedness by $746 million. I am stunned. And then finally, I am further stunned, and I will ask a question, that all that it seems to be geared toward is to ensure that the most vulnerable people in this country get the short end of the stick herunterladen.

Let me share some information with you very quickly, from the Center for the Study of Social Policy, the racist roots of work. Work requirements do no support work, they harm families. The most basic part of it in the years since temporary assistance for needy families, welfare, mandated work for families receiving cash assistance, hundreds of thousands of families have been left with less than $2 a day of cash in America safari downloaden für mac. When Arkansas and other states have begun to implement work requirements in Medicaid, thousands of people have lost their health insurance. This spring, over 700,000 people will likely lose food assistance as states begin to implement the Trump Administration expanding SNAP time limit. What they are gearing it towards is that enslavery, they begin to characterize the descendants of enslaved Africans as lazy. That’s all the stereotypes Tiptoi mathe 1.klasse. There were laws put in place that if you were picking cotton, you could not get assistance. So this document is trying to uproot the long belief that poor people, particularly African-Americans, and now immigrants and others, are lazy. This budget clearly emphasized that unfortunately racially charged direction in cutting Medicaid, in cutting nutrition programs, in cutting housing. So my question is this —“

VOUGHT: “Congresswoman, that is ridiculous.”

JACKSON:” Excuse me, I have the time and I am reclaiming it iso bestand downloaden. [cross-talk] I have the time.”

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UNKNOWN: “Mr. Vought —“

JACKSON LEE: “Mr. Vought is out of order and my clock needs to stop. You don’t have the time.”

UNKNOWN: “You will be given a chance to respond.”

JACKSON LEE: “How can you justify the inclusion of work environments which are not supported by any of the evidence that they increase employment and the repeal of the Medicaid expansion. In addition, how do you justify a budget like this that’s full with the — how should I say it? It’s full of the highway of damaged human beings and you continue to do so with this destructive domestic cuts budget app store kostenlosen. You also had an agreement where you would agree to fund defense spending and domestic spending the same and you reneged on the agreement. What is your answer to that? Now I yield to you.”

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VOUGHT: “Congresswoman, President Clinton signed into law historic legislation to reform welfare that had a work requirement in the TANF program that led to historic drops in caseloads youtube video downloaden android. Why? Because people were getting off of welfare and getting onto the ladder of economic opportunity. The only thing that we do —“

JACKSON LEE: “I voted against that bill.”

VOUGHT: “The only thing we do in this budget is expand to food stamps and Medicaid and housing because we think it is a principle that’ll lead to more opportunity rather than less.”

JACKSON LEE: “Mr. Chairman, I would like to put in the record, ‘The Washington Examiner,’ ‘Seven years of change you can see and feel’ by myself, dealing with the collapse of the economy under this administration, dealing with what President Obama did herunterladen. I don’t think that’s an answer because it did not work under the past administration, it is not going to work now. Poverty is on the increase. You have people paying more money under the Trump tax cut for those making $50,000 to $100,000. They’re going to pay more taxes, upwards of a billion dollars, and those in the top 1% are going to pay less taxes. That’s what I’m saying about a destructive pathway, and I don’t know how in good conscience that you could put this budget forward for us to even receive blizz meeting herunterladen. You are doing nothing to reduce the deficit except on the backs of children, poor mothers, elderly and the disabled. It is shameful. Those who seek an opportunity, they can then provide for the greatness of this country. I am stunned. I yield back, Mr. Chairman.”