VIDEO: Pelosi Dances Thinking She Has Victory On Government Shutdown, Trump Gets Last Laugh

UPDATE: President Trump has the last laugh, as the House added $5.7 billion for security and a wall at the U.S.-Mexico border back into the spending bill. They voted on it and it passed pretty easily.

“The fact is you do not have the votes in the House,” Pelosi told Trump at last week’s Oval Office meeting.

“Nancy, I do,” he said, to which Pelosi replied, “Well, let’s take the vote and we’ll find out.”

They took the vote. We found out. Trump was right.



Soon to be Speaker Nancy Pelosi said, last week live from the Oval Office, that the Republicans didn’t have the votes for Border Security. Today the House Republicans voted and won, 217-185. Nancy does not have to apologize. All I want is GREAT BORDER SECURITY!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) December 21, 2018


Senate Democrats have since refused to compromise on the bill and as of midnight last night, the federal government has been shut down.

President Trump may have said he’ll take the blame, but Democrats are banking way too hard on the hopes that it’ll negatively effect him. Less federal government is better in the eyes of his supporters, so it’s not going to hurt him as bad as they’re thinking. Not to mention, the way negotiations have gone dwon, it’s clear to the American people that the sticking point is border security – Republicans want it, Democrats don’t.

That’s not a winning message for the left.


House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi was seen dancing and singing at a party for outgoing Rep. Joe Crowley, while the Senate approved legislation to temporarily fund the government without $5 billion in funding for President Trump’s border wall.

Crowley, a 20-year member of the House, was ousted by New York socialist Alexandria Ocasio during a Democratic primary in June.

The long-time congressman hosted a farewell party and celebrated his long career by belting out the classic song American Pie.

Pelosi joined in on the celebration, and video footage from the event shows her singing alongside Crowley and even dancing and bopping along with her peers.

Crowley will be leaving his post as Pelosi and the Democrats regain control of the House in January.


Why is She in a Dancing Mood?

Pelosi went from being a co-punching bag alongside Senator Chuck Schumer during a televised debate on funding for the border wall, to joining her colleagues in celebration over Senate Republican backing down on that same fight.

Is it any wonder she has her dancing shoes on?

Perhaps the celebration is premature, however, as the House Freedom Caucus has insisted they will vote no on any stop-gap measure that doesn’t include funding for the border wall.

The President also issued a statement hinting he may have flipped back on his position and could consider not signing the bill, forcing a shutdown. This comes after several conservative pundits expressed dismay at Trump backing away in the first place.

When I begrudgingly signed the Omnibus Bill, I was promised the Wall and Border Security by leadership. Would be done by end of year (NOW). It didn’t happen! We foolishly fight for Border Security for other countries – but not for our beloved U.S.A. Not good!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) December 20, 2018


Pelosi is eagerly anticipating the bill will pass, funding the government until February when the Democrats are back in control of the House.

“Democrats will be ready to fully, responsibly fund our government in January,” she forewarned, adding that they’re open to minor adjustments to the measure, but funding for the wall is “a non-starter.”

Maybe She’s Just Happy to be Rid of Crowley

Perhaps Pelosi is simply celebrating the fact that Crowley, a man at one point considered to be her replacement as Speaker, will no longer be in her way.

“It’s been the honor of my life to be the voice of many people from New York City,” Crowley said in his farewell speech.

Without Crowley using his vast experience against Pelosi, the California Democrat has found little trouble in pushing back against a younger uprising challenge to her leadership.

She swatted away her lone true challenger in Marcia Fudge, by bribing her with a subcommittee position. Fudge gladly accepted as word got out that she had vouched for a man who had severely beaten his wife years ago, then eventually killed her.

Whether it’s celebrating a victory over the border wall or joy in realizing she’s about to become Speaker again, one thing is certain – if Pelosi is dancing, Trump isn’t winning. And if he’s not winning, America isn’t either.

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