James O’Keefe and the crew from Project Veritas are back with some interesting video related to the gun control debate.  Namely – How does a citizen protect themselves until the police arrive if they can’t own proper defensive firearms?

You’ll hear some interesting responses at police stations from North Carolina to New York, including one who tells a law-abiding citizen, “You’re on your own”.

So what exactly can citizens do to protect themselves until the police arrive?

Here are just a few of the frank things they had to say:

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“We try. We can’t always get there.” – NC

“Sometimes we can’t be anywhere at all because everybody’s tied up.” – Durham, NC

“Lock yourself in a bedroom, start yelling and screaming.” – Jersey City, NJ

“Some people have dogs.” – Yonkers, NY

“Go get some bleach. Go get ammonia.” – East Orange, NJ

“A rifle and shotgun is actually for luxury.” – Kew Gardens, NY

“It’s 2013. It’s the United States of America. You lock your doors and you hope nothing happens.” NY

The undercover journalists also go into a police station and try to buy a shotgun – as per the advice of the vice-President of the United States, Joe Biden.  They are told they’ll be arrested if they take his advice.

Watch below…