Video: Occupy Leader Organizes Family-Friendly Event, Promptly Exposes Himself

An event sponsored by Occupy Portland, called Occu-Fest, is described as a “Potluck Dinner: a family-friendly event with music and celebration for the entire city.”   The celebration came in the form of public nudity for the whole family.

Via Thoughts From a Conservative Mom:

Greetings from Occupy’s hindquarters! This full moon brought to you by Wade A. Varner, an organizer for “family friendly” Occupy Portland! Apparently a good many Oregon Democrats consider him a respectable citizen worthy of their collaboration.

If you and your kids happen to be Tea Partiers, Occupiers consider it “family friendly” to introduce you to their exposed genitals. Good food AND sexually explicit exhibitions for your kids’ educational benefit. What more can you ask from a “celebration for the entire city?”

Take away phrase here is that Democrats consider him a respectable citizen. When the Dems call every Republican a Tea Party Republican, why have they yet to respond by calling them an Occupy Democrat?

If the Democrats want to be associated with people who encourage nudity at family events, defecating on police cars, and general uncleanliness, then so be it.

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