Is Trump going to win in 2020?

LIZZA: “The President has repeatedly inserted himself into this debate, and I think a lot of people trying to understand what his view of memorializing the Confederacy is, and the proper place for the Confederate flag kann bei whatsapp keine bilder mehr downloaden. So, a couple of questions. One, does he believe, does President Trump believe that it was a good thing that the South lost the Civil War? And then, two, is he interested in following NASCAR’s example and banning the Confederate flag at his own events?”

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McENANY: “Your first question is absolutely absurd herunterladen. He’s proud of the United States of America. Second, with regard to our statues, Americans oppose tearing down our statues. There’s a Harvard Harris poll released just last week that shows 60 percent of respondents said the statues should remain herunterladen. And 71 percent said local governments should block groups from physically destroying the statues. So he stands on the side of preserving our history.”

LIZZA: “My question is actually about Confederate flag at his rallies herunterladen. Would he be interested in banning the Confederate flag at his rallies?”

McENANY: “That would be a question for his campaign, but look, this president’s focused on taking action on fixing problems Download children's books for free. It’s why he had his executive order just a few weeks ago to keep our streets safe and secure. That’s where his focus lies and I think that those who are tearing down statues, they do appear to have no ideology whether there’s tearing down statues and defacing statues of Mathias Baldwin, an abolitionist, Hans Christian Heg, who died fighting for the Union Army during the Civil War, a memorial for African-American soldiers who fought in the Civil War was damaged in Boston, and a monument to fallen police officers was vandalized in Sacramento herunterladen. This is unacceptable, it’s why the President took strong actions.”