Video: Man Gently Releases Mouse Into the Wild, Hawk Promptly Brings It Home for Dinner

Sure there’s a viral video making the rounds right now involving a cute little puppy desperately trying to climb down a set of stairs, when an older dog comes along to teach the puppy how to do it.

But we’re not about cute and cuddly here at the Mental Recession – we’re about dark humor.

Which brings us to this instant classic.

A man brought his garbage can outdoors because it had a mouse in it.  He releases his furry friend whom he affectionately refers to as “Whiskers”, into the wild.  One can almost here the song Born Free playing in the background.

The guy holding the camera asks his friend “How do you feel?”  To which he responds, “”I’m kinda sad, I just got to know him, and oh no… oh no… NO!”

What happens to cause him to yell?  Watch…

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