(VIDEO) MAGA Protesters in Michigan Drown out CNN Reporter’s Live Shot with Deafening ‘CNN Sucks!’ Chant

A CNN correspondent was continuously interrupted by chants of “CNN sucks” by a group of Trump supporters as she tried to report live from Lansing, MI on Monday.


KEILAR: “I want to get back to Michigan and CNN national correspondent Dianne Gallagher who is there for us covering this from Lansing. Tell us what we’re expecting at this hour, Dianne.” CNN sucks

GALLAGHER: “Yeah, so the state board of canvassers is supposed to be talking in just a few minutes. You can tell there are some protesters out here who do not want them to certify the election. So if you can still hear me over the loud speakers here, basically there are four members of the board of canvassers. This is usually a pretty mundane protocol that they go through to certify what has already been certified by each of the counties. There are four members, two Republicans, two Democrats. One of the Republicans has already indicated —

(Man in crowd shouts ‘CNN sucks!’)

— that he isn’t sure he is going to vote for certification. The other Republican hasn’t said what he’s going to do. My producer, Dan Shepherd, he went to that Republican’s house and his wife said he is not going to talk about it before the meeting here.”

KEILAR: “Dianne — can you just do us a favor, Dianne, and just hold up your microphone a little closer to your mouth, and then tell us about that member of the canvassing board who we’re sort of waiting to see what they do.” CNN sucks

GALLAGHER: “That’s right. So that is the other GOP member of the canvassing board. His wife told my producer Dan Shepherd that he is not going to talk about what he wants to do until the meeting today. They’re supposed to start in a few moments here. You only need three of the four members to vote for certification for it to happen, so that’s why all eyes are on him at this point. If it was a 2-2 deadlock, it would immediately go to the Court of Appeals because of the flurry of lawsuits that would undoubtedly be filed. Now, the likelihood is that the Court of Appeals would make a decision that would tell the board of canvassers they had to certify. But, it is possible —

(Crowd chants ‘CNN sucks!’)

— to go to the state Supreme Court. Here’s the key real quick, Brianna. The key is that the secretary of state says she can’t do any sort of recount, she cannot do any sort of investigation or audit unless it is certified. So that’s the key, Brianna.”

KEILAR: “Okay. Can’t do an investigation or audit unless it is certified. Dianne, thank you so much for weathering that for us. Dianne Gallagher in Lansing.”

Fact check: Yes, CNN sucks.

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