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(VIDEO) Lara Logan: Border Agents Describe that Illegals Are Just Running Past Them

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HANNITY: “Like you, I have covered this story for years from the Rio Grande through San Diego. I’ve been all across that southern border. The first time we made progress. Now it’s going to be amnesty and open borders again. What have you found?”

LOGAN: “Well, you know, it’s funny that you mentioned your experience along the border, Sean. I was thinking about that as I was writing down some numbers from Border Patrol’s own statistics that may resonate with you, with your knowledge of the border down there. Because for example, Del Rio, they’re up from 2,476 in the week before Biden’s inauguration; last week, 5,699 apprehensions. Up — from known recorded got-aways, up from 942 to 2,106. So you know, that is all along the border. More than 50 to 60 to 70% increases not just in the number of apprehensions but also in the number of known and recorded get-aways. Agents that I’ve spoken to describing people literally just running past them. And while a lot of people call this a return to the catch-and-release policy, Sean, what they don’t realize is that the release part of that has been expanded. So now, if you’re coming over the border and you have a child with you who is 7 years old and under, Border Patrol doesn’t interview you, they don’t take DNA testing or anything like that, they have no idea if it’s your child. Anybody in the group with you is eligible. You get your biometrics taken, your fingerprints, and you get released on your own recognizance. So, you know, if you never show up anywhere, well, ICE isn’t going to deport you now, right? So it doesn’t matter, you don’t need to show up in court. So what you’ve effectively done is bypassed the legal immigration system and provided basically an open door. And the numbers show that. The cartels, because they’re in control of the border, they know that they can move anything they want. Im fact, I’ll tell you something that happened, Sean. I spoke to a former drug trafficker and human smuggler for the cartels, and I told him what was happening. His response was, ‘Are you serious?’ And then he said, ‘Wait a minute. Repeat that for me.’ I repeated it and he started laughing. He said, ‘I’m moving back to the valley,’ as in the Rio Grande Valley, because — I said, ‘Why?’ He said, ‘Because I’m going to be a millionaire in six months.’ That pretty much says it all.”

HANNITY: “So the message is out that America will have amnesty, now is the time to come, and we won’t even deport people who are convicted or charged with violent crimes, correct?”

LOGAN: “Yes. There’s a whole list of crimes from money laundering to fraud to various forms of assault to immigration violations that ICE is not supposed to prioritize. They’re supposed to be focused on serious crimes. But you know, everyone I have ever spoken to from ICE or HSI says they have always been focused on serious crimes. And the real catch here is that just like the gun control legislation, they’re getting rid of the Second Amendment without telling you. It’s the same with decriminalizing the border. With this, they’re decriminalizing crossing the United States border illegally.”

HANNITY: “And all bypassing the entire branch of government, the legislative branch doesn’t weigh in, it’s all done by legislative fiat, the stroke of a pen. All right. L.J. and Lara Logan, thank you both.”

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