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The role and the responsibility he has to save lives

>> Seth: What do the communities or, you know, what we consider — not just how communities are being hit but minority communities are being hit even harder by this herunterladen. Is there anything to do as far as how to address that now and more importantly, how to address what is at the root of that, when this does come to pass because obviously this is baked into society, the fact that every time something goes wrong in this country, it does seem like communities of color are the hardest hit where you can books for free.

>> I mean, its the least of these. Those who have always been at the short end of the stick, in a moment of crisis, it becomes even more evident, and in this case even more fatal so, we’ve long had, historically, because of a number of issues that are about systemic and institutional racism and just inequities across the board in terms of bringing resources equally in a way that is equitable, not just equal but equitable auf ipad filme downloaden. And so, you see the disparities based on race in health care, economic disparities, educational disparities. On the point of health care, African-Americans 20% more likely to have asthma, 40% more likely to have high blood pressure black women are three times more likely than white women to have lupus, which is an autoimmune disease photoshop programme kostenlos downloaden. Sickle cell anemia, any kind of respiratory illness or virus can be lethal in proportion to those who have sickle cell anemia. So, what we’re seeing is all of that coupled with a lack of resources in those communities where people of color and poor people live, just exasperates what was a preexisting disparity happy herunterladen. And — but this is a moment where we can actually think about how we structurally and systemically improve these systems. One of the things I’ve been calling for is that the federal government needs to collect the data about the disparities as it has affected these communities in terms of the Coronavirus, covid-19, and what we need in terms of resources in those communities herunterladen. The federal government should be tracking this so we can deploy the resources where they’re needed and that, frankly, is one of the biggest problems, is that the president has not been appropriately deploying resources windows 7 per download for free. Let’s talk about the national — the Defense Production Act, which he was slow to deal with, and still has not done it as it relates to tests, as it relates to masks just an utter lack of leadership utter lack of leadership

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>> Seth: We so appreciate it

>> And let me just say something herunterladen. That is why elections matter, because these are those moments in time when we need our elected leaders to lead. We need people in those offices who understand that their role there is not about taking care of themselves ride it herunterladen. It’s about taking care of others it’s the nobility of public service. It’s about the importance and the integrity of holding these offices in the public trust kostenlos videoen youtube. And we have a person in the White House who doesn’t get it

>> Seth: When we come back, I