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(VIDEO) Irate Parent Goes off on Virginia School Board for Keeping Kids Out of School: ‘Bunch of Cowards Hiding Behind Our Children’

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MICHON: “You should all be fired from your day jobs because if your employers knew that you’re more inefficient than the DMV, you would be replaced in a heartbeat. I literally just finished a conference call because I’m having to multitask to be here to address you guys. You’re a bunch of cowards hiding behind our children as an excuse to keep our schools closed. You think you’re some sort of martyrs because of the decisions you’re making when the statistics do not lie that a vast majority of the population is not at risk from this virus. The garbage workers who pick up my freaking trash risk their lives every day, more than anyone in this school system! Figure it out or get off the podium! Because you know what? There are people like me and a line of other people out there who will gladly take your seat and figure it out! It’s not a high bar. Raise the freaking bar!”

WOMAN: “I’m going to give stuff an opportunity to make sure that the podium and microphone have been —“

MICHON: “Make sure you wipe it down [inaudible].”

WOMAN: “Sir, your time has finished. Can you please leave the room? Thank you.”

MICHON: “Don’t worry, I’ll be back next time, and the next time. Just open the freaking schools!”

WOMAN: “Can I ask the deputy to please make sure the gentleman leaves the boardroom? Can the people in line in the hallway hear me? The school board welcomes the public comment. It is very important to remember the decorum of this room when you come in. We understand emotions are high, but we ask that you respect the time, and when your time is up to please yield the floor to the next speaker. Thank you.”

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