VIDEO – Gas Prices Rise 10 Cents During Live News Broadcast


Gas prices have been sky-rocketing as of late, but this is a little ridiculous…

Via ABC News:
The headlines of major newspapers and TV networks this week have been dominated by rising gas prices.  
Drivers across the country have shared their stories on the cost – with many already paying more than $4 a gallon at the pump.  There have even been reports of gas prices rising at a rate of 10 to 15 cents in a matter of hours. 


The swiftness at which those gas prices continue to climb was crystal clear Wednesday night during the broadcast of ABC News’ “World News with Diane Sawyer.” 
As ABC News’ Cecilia Vega introduced her piece on high gas prices, the sign at the downtown Los Angeles gas station behind her showed the price of regular gas at $4.99 a gallon.   However when the piece concluded nearly two minutes later the price of regular gas had jumped 10 cents to $5.09 a gallon.

Watch the video below:

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