Video Embarrasses Democrats Simply By Showing Them at State of the Union

In an absolutely brilliant move, the Republican National Committee (RNC) has released a new ad that exposes Democrats by doing nothing more than showing their pathetic response to President Trump’s State of the Union speech.

Democrats had to know their petulant protests of Trump by refusing to applaud, refusing to stand, and refusing to acknowledge even the most agreeable of statements, were going to come back to haunt them.

The video cuts various universally pro-American comments made by the President interspersed with other clips of anti-Trumpers in the crowd scowling, making faces, and refusing to applaud.

This is your modern day Democrat Party, friends – no platform other than to oppose Trump.


President Trump spoke at a manufacturing plant in Cincinnati this week, calling Democrats’ reactions to his State of the Union “treasonous.”

“They were like death,” Trump complained. “And un-American. Un-American.”

President Trump told a Cincinnati crowd that Democrats’ “dead silence” at his State of the Union address was “un-American” and even “treasonous.”

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— NBC News (@NBCNews) February 6, 2018


It may not be treason, but it was certainly un-American. Democrats refused to applaud such items as a historically low African-American unemployment rate, employee bonuses, millions of jobs created, the American flag, the phrase our nation was built on – ‘In God We Trust,’ the National Anthem, border security, and on and on …

What Democrats didn’t applaud for:

– low black unemployment
– bonuses for employees
– 2.4 million jobs created
– American flag
– In God we Trust
– National anthem
– fully secured border
– merit based immigration
– Fighting opioid abuse
– Jerusalem as capital of Israel#SOTU

— Liz Wheeler (@Liz_Wheeler) January 31, 2018


Democrats even declined to stand or clap when Trump said, “We all share the same home, the same heart, the same destiny, and the same great American flag.”


“He talked about unity,” Fox News host Martha McCallum said of the SOTU, “but Nancy Pelosi, Steny Hoyer and company, they basically sat on their hands, they scowled through most of this speech.”

The RNC ad ends with the words, “Democrats: What do you stand for?”

Let us know when you figure out the answer to that question.

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