Are You Worried About the Coronavirus?


REPORTER: “Medicines are available. Dr. Fauci, do you want to speak to that?”

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FAUCI: “Sure. It’s essentially what I said multiple times on this podium is that when you have — first of all, we’re trying to develop de Novo drugs that are not yet out there, not approved, that ultimately would be effective and the way you prove that is to do a randomized controlled trial to prove safety and efficacy. I’m not totally sure of what the president was referring to but I believe he’s referring to a report that used about hydroxy chloroquine and zythromyacin. The only thing I was saying is that if you really wanted to definitively know if something works that you’ve got to do the kind of trial that you get the good information. The president is talking about hope for people and it’s not an unreasonable thing to hope for people. When you have approved drugs that physicians have the option and a decision between the physician and the patient, are you going to use a drug that someone says from an anecdotal standpoint, not completely proven. But might have some effect, there are those who lean to the point of giving hope and say give that person the option of having access to that drug and then you have the other group, which is my job as a scientist, to say my job is to ultimately prove without a doubt that a drug is not only safe, but that it actually works. Those two things are really not incompatible when you think about it, particularly when you’re in an arena where you don’t have anything that’s proven. We went through the same sort of thing with a little bit of a different twist during the HIV AIDS epidemic until we finally”