Sanders: ‘Absolutely’ I’ll withhold aid to Israel if they don’t fold on new settlements


SANDERS: “My solution is to say to Israel, is you get $3.8 billion every single year herunterladen. If you want military aid, you’re going to have to fundamentally change your relationship to the people of Gaza.”

BOOKER: “And so, this is not just rejoining the Paris Climate Accords, which I will do right away amazon photos herunterladen. It’s actually using every lever of foreign policy we have for more foreign aid to countries making a contingent on climate action.”

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TAPPER: “You would — you would not necessarily want to leverage U.S whatsapp lustige videos downloaden. aid to Israel to push him to do that, is what you’re saying?”

CASTRO: “Well, that would not be my first move. I’m not saying that would never happen.”

BUTTIGIEG: “We need to make sure that any such cooperation and funding is going to things that are compatible with U.S bullguard internet security herunterladen. objectives and with the U.S. law.”

FAVREAU: “We spend a few billion dollars on aid to Israel. Would you ever consider using that aid as leverage to get the Israeli government to act differently?”

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SANDERS: “Absolutely how can I download podcast. Absolutely.”

REPORTER: “Question about Israel. Will you make American aid conditional [inaudible]”

WARREN: “It is the official policy of the United States of America to support a two state solution, and if Israel is moving in the opposite direction, then everything is on the table typo3 bilder downloaden. Everything is on the table.”

BIDEN: “I said, I’m telling you, you’re not getting the billion dollars. I said, you’re not getting the billion, I’m going to be leaving here, I think it was about six hours, I looked, I said I’ll be leaving in six hours, if the prosecutor’s not fired, you’re not getting the money adobe reader 10 kostenlos herunterladen. Well, son of a bit**. He got fired.”