Roxane White has served as the Chief of Staff for Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper since 2009. Hickenlooper, a Democrat, managed to sidestep a Republican tidal wave in this year’s elections, defeating his Republican challenger by three points. White however, will not be sticking around for Hickenlooper’s second term, having announced her departure in June.

At the time, Fox 31 in Denver described White thusly:

A trained social worker and ordained minister, White is known around the Capitol for being a calm, grounded presence …

So this little incident had to come as somewhat of a surprise (watch her behind Hickenlooper to the left) …

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Via News 7 Denver:

After about 24 seconds of clapping, a person among Hickenlooper’s staffers made a comment off-camera. The group then erupts in laughter and Hickenlooper is seen on some camera angles turning toward the person and laughing.

However, White is seen on camera, laughing and giving the other staffer two middle fingers.

After the gesture, which it appears Hickenlooper did not see, Hickenlooper’s campaign strategist, Alan Salazar, who is across the room from White, makes a gesture toward her that appears to be him blowing a kiss.

It would appear the man to the right of White suddenly had it click that they were on live television. He placed an arm on her as if to stop White, then crossed his arms and placed a hand over his mouth.

Here is slightly better quality video of the incident, though White’s gesture was blurred and she is somewhat obscured from that angle. The report also provides an explanation for what happened from Hickenlooper himself.

It would seem the ‘calm, grounded presence’ would have no talk of another four years … while her boss was singing her praises … on live television.

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