(VIDEO) CNN’s Acosta: Trump Has Gone ‘Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs’


HENDERSON: “… appearance by the president moments ago. Jim, I got to say, I was all prepared to take notes on what the president had to say and I ended up scribbling the number 30,000 and the words stock market is up. What was that presser about?”

ACOSTA: “Yeah. That was the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen over here at the White House, and I have seen a lot in the last several years. I will tell you, Nia, the president, came in there about 30 seconds. It may have been longer than 30 seconds. He obviously wanted to tout the performance in the Dow this morning down on Wall Street, the Dow hitting 30,000. And the president wanted to take credit for that. There was talk on social media, Twitter, people crediting the Biden transition the decision for the General Services Administration to begin ascertainment procedures that are now in motion. And there was a lot of chatter on Wall Street that the pop in the Dow was somehow related to the Biden transition team getting going and the appointment of Janet Yellen over at the Treasury Department. I think that probably precipitated the president wanting to go out there and take credit for it himself. We saw some of White House officials over here taking credit for the Dow hitting 30,000. And as you and I both know, Nia, the president talks about the Dow as a metric that he judges any administration by, particularly his own. And so it’s not surprising that he wanted to come out here. Now, we will have another chance to see him later on this afternoon, he’s going to be doing the ceremonial pardoning of the Thanksgiving Turkey over here at the White House. That was just the strangest thing to see the president come out in the briefing room, we have White House staffers shouting at us to get in our places, because he wanted to walk in the room, so he was ready, wanting to walk in the briefing room before we were in our seats. Because we had White House wranglers and staffers telling us to sit down because the president was about to walk in. He didn’t take questions, as we all know. And it’s worth noting. He has been in this period of dealing with losing to Joe Biden for the last three weeks now. Still has not taken any questions from reporters. So it is hard to put the cereal back in the box after you have gone cuckoo for cocoa puffs, and I think that is the situation over here. Just the strangest, just the weirdest thing I have ever seen in the White House briefing room.”

HENDERSON: “And for whatever reason he decided that a tweet wasn’t good enough for that announcement about or statement about the Dow. So there we saw him. As you said we’ll see him later today pardoning two turkeys. Jim Acosta, thanks for that report.”

ACOSTA: “You bet.”

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