(VIDEO) Chuck Schumer Cried While Discussing SCOTUS’ DACA Ruling on the Senate Floor

Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) cried as he discussed the Supreme Court’s ruling on the DACA program that President Donald Trump moved to rescind in 2017.

SCHUMER: “But we believe in it. It’s part of our soul. Every one of us cares about immigrants and so many of us are descendants of immigrants. Wow, what a decision. And let me say this: In these very difficult times, the Supreme Court provided a bright ray of sunshine this week with the decision on Monday, preventing discrimination and employment against the LGBTQ community, and now with this DACA decision. To me, frankly, the court’s decisions were surprising, but welcome and gives you some faith that the laws and rules and mores of this country can be upheld. Wow, this decision’s amazing. I am so happy. These kids and families, I feel for them, and I think all of America does. Now — [clears throat] — on some other issues. But again, I cannot — the Supreme Court —“

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