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Today we got 500,000 people sleeping out on the streets of America. Today we have 18 million families paying 50% of their limited incomes for housing. Today we have hundreds of thousands of bright young people who cannot afford to get a higher education. Today we have 45 million paying a student debt that many of them cannot afford to pay.

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So, what our campaign is about and what our administration will be about is rethinking America, understanding that all of our people – when I say “all,” I also mean the undocumented in this country – that all of our people are entitled to basic human rights. bernie sanders entit



Despite the above post being a quote of Bernie Sanders in the accompanying video, Facebook fact-checkers have advised us that this wasn’t the proper interpretation.

We have changed the title to reflect something they can’t possibly deem inaccurate.

And while Bernie can be heard in this video mentioning affordable housing and student debt in one sentence, and entitlements for those very same things in the next, there is apparently absolutely no link between the two. So sayeth the fact-checkers.

From the fact-checker: “You could note that Sanders said ‘basic human rights,’ and not ‘US government benefits.’ Those are not synonymous.”

That is quite clear from the exact quote of the video above. You decide what he was saying even though Facebook is forcing us to tell you what they THINK he is saying.

Offering our own opinions and interpretations on Facebook is frowned up, leading to our page being struck down by the social media platform. We have to make this correction or they stifle our free speech.

On a side note, we sincerely hope that the fact-checkers have throttled traffic at the New York Times and MSNBC’s Facebook page since they, this week, have published easily verified and actual fake news that CNN debunked.

You can read about that here:

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews, O’Donnell Falsely Claim Trump ‘Collaborating’ With Russia to Steal Election


We’re publishing the email exchange with the so-called ‘fact-checkers’ so you can see exactly what they were saying required changing.

You, the reader, can decide who is telling the truth here: