Charles Woods, father of Benghazi victim Tyrone Woods, spoke with Stuart Varney of Fox News and described how Hillary Clinton “stood in front of my son’s flag draped casket and lied to the American people.”


WOODS: “When the bodies were returned to America, there was a large room notenen legal. There were four pots where the four different families, where there were couches and things like that and then the different people such as Joe Biden, such as the president, such as Leon Panetta herunterladen. Hillary Clinton came around to each group and she spoke individually to each family member while she was being escorted by the secret service people. That’s what she told me herunterladen. And I had — I had never even met Pat Smith. She was probably in some other part of the building but Hillary said exactly the same thing to her. She blamed the attack on the video vavoo herunterladen fire tv. And not only that she lied to the Gold Star families — we are talking about a half-hour, 45 minutes later when we had the casket ceremony. She stood in front of my son’s flag draped casket and lied to the American people bubble spiel kostenlosen. What she did there, she blamed the rage directed towards the American embassies on quote/unquote that awful video that we had nothing to do with. And she lied not only the Gold Star families, she also lied to the American people.”

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Woods’ father kept handwritten notes from his meeting with Clinton golfspiel kostenlos downloaden.  Those notes read in part:

“We are going to have the filmmaker arrested who was responsible for the death of your son.”


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When the Weekly Standard’s Stephen Hayes spoke with the elder Woods, he said “I remember those words: ‘who was responsible for the death of your son.’ She was blaming him and blaming the movie.”