President Obama has been catching a lot of flak for failing to cut his family vacation short in order to visit flood-ravaged Louisiana.

The historic flooding has affected some 40,000 homes in Louisiana. According to the Governor’s Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness, about 30,000 people have been rescued from homes and cars.

Thirteen people have been killed as of this report.

The White House defense has been that a presidential visit would divert resources away from the recovery efforts, a line even MSNBC has scoffed at noting that Obama was quick to visit New Jersey and hug it out with his BFF Chris Christie after Hurricane Sandy.

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Now, video has resurfaced from 2008 in which then Democrat candidate for president, Barack Obama, slammed President George W. Bush for flying over New Orleans to assess the damage rather than visiting on the ground.

He referred to Bush as “a president who only saw the people from a window on an airplane instead of down here on the ground, trying to provide comfort and aid.”

So what does that make Obama, a president who hasn’t even bothered to look out the window of his vacation home on Martha’s Vineyard as of yet?

Via the Lid:

While Louisiana is flooding, President Obama is playing golf. He has no intention of visiting Louisiana right now it would mess up his golf game. He won’t even make a speech offering his sympathy for the people affected by the historic flooding that has killed at least 13 people and displaced tens of thousands more. It’s not that he wont interrupt his vacation for anything— he did headline a Hillary Clinton rally on Monday.

The mainstream media is making excuses, saying that it would be wrong for Obama to visit flood-ravaged Louisiana, he would only get in the way of the first responders.

But in 2008 when running for president,Obama thought different, he blasted President Bush #43, for not going on the ground to visit the people of New Orleans, even though Bush was asked to stay away because the logistics of hosting a president would take away from the rescue effort.

Watch the video clip of Obama’s statements below (Discovered by “The Right Pundit”) …


Perhaps if Chris Christie promises the President a big fat hug, he’ll venture down to Louisiana and provide aid and comfort to those devastated by the flooding.

It should be noted that President Bush’s alleged “indifference” to the government’s response to Katrina was seen as motivated by race. Kanye West famously stated that Bush didn’t “care about black people.”

Now, while Louisiana suffers, Kanye, much like Obama, is nowhere to be found.

We wonder if this means that neither one of them cares all that much about the black community.