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REPORTER: “Can you characterize what you heard in the meeting, were your questions answered, and do you feel like you’re getting the response that needs to come from this task force?” aoc face

OCASIO-CORTEZ: “Well, it’s still ongoing, we are getting — it is still ongoing, so we are getting some increased responses from the CDC and relevant officials herunterladen. I think what’s really important is that folks stay as diligent as possible about symptoms and to call the CDC hotline if you have been in contact, if you have recently traveled herunterladen. There is a lot of screening happening at airports, but as we know, we have our first locally acquired case in California. So we want to just make sure that everyone stays calm, but if for any reason you have pneumonia-type symptoms with little to no cost to make sure you contact the CDC or your physician.”

REPORTER: “Do you think that [inaudible] gave more information to the extent that this is going to go, is this going to expand, is it going to contract titanic film german? I mean, were they alarmist?”

OCASIO-CORTEZ: “Well, we have — we have — the meeting was declassified so much of the information that we have is in line with the public statements that have been released by the CDC download and cut youtube video. I think what’s, again, what’s important is that folks a) remain calm, but b) I know it sounds banal, but one of the key parts to preventing transmission is washing your hands and not touching your face movie maker kostenlos download windows 7. So there’s a lot of folks that are trying to ask themselves, ‘Do I need a mask? Talk to me about the efficacy of the mask?’ A mask will not protect you if you don’t wash your hands and if you continue to touch your face herunterladen. So make sure that — that is the key number one thing that you need to do, 20 seconds, ‘Happy Birthday’ twice, and make sure that — that — again, that you make sure that — that that we stay diligent on those public health aspects xbox one profil herunterladen. Our public health system is going to be the key critical aspect of preventing transmission.” aoc face