AOC: “And so long as we don’t do that (test illegal aliens), we have not earned the right to call ourselves [a humane society].” aoc humane society

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GOODMAN: “Can they be tested well without fear of being reported to immigration authorities herunterladen? This is what President Trump said.”

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TRUMP: “The answer is yes. We will do those tests because I think in that case it’s important herunterladen. I think that if — you could call — you could say illegal alien, could say illegal immigrant, you could say whatever you want to use your definition of what you’re talking we’re all talking about the same thing filme herunterladen von youtube. Yes we will test that person, because I think it’s important we test that person and we don’t want to send that person back into wherever we’re going to be sending the person enpure app. Whether it’s another country or someplace else because, you know, we are now bringing them right out of our country. But yeah, we will test those people.”

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[clip ends] aoc humane society

GOODMAN: “Wow, I mean so there you have President Trump talk about you test them before you send them out musikvideo von youtube downloaden legal. Overall, your response to President Trump, his antagonism against any kind of criticism, the well-known documented lack of tests, lack of PPE, protective gear for people who work in hospitals, and now this, saying, ‘Sure, test them before we deport them?’”

OCASIO-CORTEZ: “Well, overall, you know not just President Trump but this entire administration knew what was coming minecraft download laptop. Trump to this pandemic was coming. The military knew this pandemic was coming. The CDC knew this pandemic was coming. HHS, Health and Human Services knew this this pandemic was coming herunterladen. And there was a structural but also universal refusal to acknowledge, and more importantly to act. And this pandemic is — you know, and the casualties that we are seeing are, again, not just due to coronavirus wo kann ich programmeen. There are people dying unnecessarily. As you mentioned earlier, there are people not just dying in hospitals. In New York City city alone we are seeing 200 to 300 people dying in their homes a day wii play for free. Per day in New York City, inside their homes. In addition to the hospitalizations, these numbers that you’re seeing, all in all, many of them are confirmed coronavirus cases gta 5 demo download pc kostenlos. As you mentioned, many people do not have access to tests, so a lot of these deaths that you are seeing, there are many more that are uncounted, that are being counted as pneumonia or being counted as other causes of death because those people were not able to get a COVID-19 test. And so these additional deaths, many of them are unnecessary. They are deaths of incompetence. They are deaths of science denial. They are deaths of inequality. And so it’s important for us to acknowledge how unnecessary the level of of crisis that we are at right now that is due to the incompetence of this administration, that is due to the lack of responsiveness of this administration, and when it comes to the particular cruelty to undocumented immigrants. It is also a form of denial of the fact that many of these undocumented people pay taxes, they fund our public schools, and they find the very public health system that they are being denied access to right now through the billions of dollars of taxes that they pay. Billions more — by the way, these undocumented workers pay billions more in taxes than Facebook does, than Amazon does, and then many other corporations do. And so when it comes to contributions to our public systems, they do far more than these — than these corporations do. And it’s extraordinarily important that they have safe access to our public health system. And by the way, it shouldn’t just be for COVID-19 cases. Our public health system should be free at the point of service for every single person in this country. There are folks that are saying, ‘You’ll get paid sick leave if it’s COVID-19-related, as we’re seeing with Amazon. They’ll take your fever. If you don’t have a test, then you will not be paid, you will not receive paid sick leave. We should have universal systems where every person can see the doctor free of charge when they need to see it, so they can get the care that they need. That is what it means to live in an advanced and modern and humane society. And so long as we don’t do that, we have not earned the right to call ourselves one.” aoc humane society