AOC on Socialism: “It is a funny moment because everyone wants to fight against these policies until they have been personally impacted.”


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BEHAR: “So I agree with you herunterladen. This — this pandemic interestingly enough has brought to the forefront many issues that you have been — that have been your signature issues for a long time herunterladen. I mean, suddenly, everyone’s a socialist. Even Republicans are on board with some of these measures, things like paid sick leave, unemployment insurance, free testing and health coverage von instagram bilder herunterladen. It’s interesting, isn’t it? How they’ve all come on your team all of a sudden. What do you think will be the long-term effects of the Democratic socialist agenda?”

OCASIO-CORTEZ: “Well you know, I think, it’s — it is a funny moment because everyone wants to fight against these policies until they have been personally impacted, and we’ve seen this not just economically, but we’ve also seen it in terms of social rights as well, you know google maps strecke downloaden? There are so many people that were against LGBT marriage equality until they realized, oh, wait, my friend, my son, my daughter, my, you know, my loved ones have come out of the closet, and I think that vulnerability, that personal vulnerability, really brings a lot of people around herunterladen. And what we’re seeing right now is that guaranteeing health care in this country is not about giving charity to people. It affects all of us. When the person who is preparing your food and serves you food, cannot have — cannot see a doctor, that puts you at risk, that puts all of us at risk horror games gratisen. And, you know, I think it’s encouraging that a lot of people are seeing — are saying, oh, you know what? Because this is an emergency, we should shore up, and make sure people have enough to pay their rent, because this is an emergency, we should make sure that people can have access to a free test and go to a doctor die sims 3 kostenlos downloaden. But ultimately, the question is wasn’t this an emergency before? You know, if you needed treatment, and you need life-saving treatment for Coronavirus, and you think that that testing and treatment should be free, then why shouldn’t that testing and treatment for diabetes, insulin, cancer, why shouldn’t we be treating all sick people in this country as humanely as everybody else?”

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