Vernon Jones Explains Why He Switched to the Republican Party – Proud to Be In Party of Lincoln, Trump

Vernon Jones, a black former Democrat and supporter of President Trump, published an op-ed in which he explains why he switched to the Republican party.

Jones officially announced his party switch in early January, stating that the Democrat party had changed, not him.

“I am no longer a Democrat,” he said. “I cannot stand for the defunding of the police, higher taxes on working families, and job-killing socialist policies that will devastate Americans of all walks of life.”

Jones accused his former party of dragging Americans down through “a false narrative based on race-baiting, identity politics, and widespread propaganda fed to the masses.”

As a lifelong Democrat and black man, it pains me to admit this.

But I’ve come to a realization: the Democrat Party doesn’t give a damn about us.

They’ve become more concerned about putting illegals first and Americans last.

— Vernon Jones (@RepVernonJones) May 1, 2020


Republican Vernon Jones Urges His Former Party To Try and Understand What Happened at the Capitol

As if to drive the identity politics point home, Democrats have been actively transforming the narrative surrounding the riots at the Capitol earlier this month as some sort of white supremacy protest.

Former First Lady Hillary Clinton claimed the riots were the “result of white supremacist grievances” while House Speaker Nancy Pelosi suggested the protesters chose their “their whiteness” over Democracy.


It’s morphed from protests conducted by people concerned about Democracy to people who are simply racists.

Jones blasted Democrat leaders for not seriously attempting to understand what led to the protesters’ anger.

“The problem with many who are part of the establishment and talking heads on television is that instead of digging into why so many Americans are so frustrated, they’ve chosen to ridicule, condemn and misrepresent the facts,” he wrote.

“It’s only going to feed into the discontent and disdain so many Americans have for Washington.”

“Tens of millions of Americans have legitimate concerns surrounding the election,” Jones added. “Instead of responding to their concerns with facts and reassurance, Washington Democrats and the coastal elites reacted with disdain, misinformation and censorship.”

This isn’t even about President Trump anymore. The Democrat Party and permanent Washington political class is doing everything they can to silence the millions of Americans who want to continue to change Washington and break up the status quo. #FeelTheVern

— Vernon Jones (@RepVernonJones) January 12, 2021


Jones Was Attacked and Harassed by BLM Rioters

If anybody knows a thing or two about how the Democrat party’s rhetoric affects Americans, it’s Jones who, this past summer, was harassed and had racial slurs hurled at him by Black Lives Matter protesters.

“Are you a black Trump supporter?” one man asks Jones after he left the Republican National Convention in late August.

“You’re a f***ing disgrace! Shame!” somebody yelled, as another shouted, “You house [n-word]!”


Now, as Democrats close in on the second impeachment of President Trump, it’s clear they have zero regard for election integrity or the Constitution.

They have but one focus.

“It’s almost as if this isn’t about democracy or the Constitution for the so-called ‘elite, but all about power and destroying President Trump,” Jones wrote.

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