University at Buffalo Won’t Disclose Fee For Clinton Speech

Former Secretary of State and 2016 Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton has been making top dollar on a speaking tour at eight different universities in the past year.  Those universities willing to disclose payments to the former “dead broke” First Lady, have them ranging between $225,000 and $300,000.  Five other universities however, are refusing to disclose what they paid for Mrs. Clinton to appear, including three New York colleges – the University at Buffalo, Colgate, and Hamilton University.

The Post reports that if she received her usual $200,000 speaking fee at those remaining schools, Clinton would have made at least $1.8 million this past year on speeches.

WGRZ in New York tried investigating what the University at Buffalo paid Mrs. Clinton, but were stonewalled in their efforts.

In a statement UB wrote:

Agreements with speakers … are maintained by the University at Buffalo Foundation, a private, non-profit organization.  These agreements, including information about speaking fees are not public information.

In other words, they wouldn’t disclose their donors.

Steve Brown, an investigative reporter for WGRZ explained that when he contacted the University at Buffalo they said “we’re not going to discuss it.”

“University kids are facing tuition increases,” he explained.

“It doesn’t really look good.”

Brown elaborated by explaining that those University students who are facing tuition increases typically vote Democrat, and those increases likely do not sit well while Clinton collects a six-figure paycheck from their school for one speech.

Brown concluded, “It’s not a good first step if she’s going to run in 2016.”

Watch the report below…

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