Union leaders came together in Albany yesterday, united in their disdain for Governor Cuomo and his efforts to “privatize” and “downsize” state services allplan 2019 for free.

The rally was attended by members of three major New York unions, including PEF, CSEA and NYSCOPBA.

CSEA President Danny Donahue took some of the biggest shots at the Governor, referring to his efforts to keep an upstate plant open as “bullshit,” and later topping Cuomo as a “moron.”

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Via the Times Union:

CSEA President Danny Donohue, whose union is still upset over the governor’s institution of a less-costly Tier 6 retirement plan almost two years ago, took the rhetoric even farther, ridiculing as “bull___” the idea that Cuomo did everything he could to keep General Electric from closing an upstate plant late last year youtube videos.

“Today should be the hue and cry for the governor,” Donohue said. ” … We the people of this state are sick and tired of being had by this moron.”

Donahue also called Cuomo a “monkey” for his economic policies herunterladen.

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He added that CSEA would probably not endorse the governor in the upcoming election.