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U2 Star Bono Takes Moment to Honor Congressman Steve Scalise During Concert

Rock legend Bono, front man for the band U2, took a moment during a recent concert to honor and salute Rep. Steve Scalise, congressman critically wounded in this month’s left-wing shooting.

“You’ve been through some troubling days here with the shooting in Alexandria,” Bono told fans. “We are so grateful Congressman Scalise and his comrades made it through.”

Bono went on to say “We hold them (the Republican victims) up, as love holds us all up.”

His words sound a lot more unifying than anything the Democrats have been muttering about lately.


Via ABC News:

Rep. Steve Scalise got a shout-out from U2 frontman Bono during one of the band’s concerts, according to a video tweeted Tuesday night from the Louisiana Republican’s account.

Scalise remains hospitalized in serious condition at MedStar Washington Hospital Center, following last week’s shooting incident during congressional baseball practice at a park in Alexandria, Virginia.

“Thanks Bono & @U2,” reads the tweet on Rep. Scalise’s page, which was signed by “#TeamScalise.”

“You’ve been through some troubling days here with the shooting in Alexandria,” Bono says on-stage in the video. “We are so grateful that Congressman Scalise and his comrades made it through. So grateful. We hold them up, as love holds us all up.”

Bono also added a message of political unity.

“Whoever you voted for, you are welcome here,” he said. “We will find common ground.”


The video appears to have been taken during a concert at FedExField, located just 19 miles outside of Alexandria.


What a truly wonderful thing Bono did in trying to raise the level of discourse between opposing political views.

We truly do need to find some common ground.

What did you think of Bono’s tribute to Steve Scalise? Share your thoughts below!

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Rusty Weiss

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