U.S. Senate Candidate: President Gets a Trophy For Showing Up

U.S. Senate Candidate Wendy Long ripped the President for using the occasion of the Hurricane Sandy devastation to act like a President for perhaps the only time in his administration. Long stated, “We don’t need a President who shows up once in four years … we need one who shows up every day.”

On Fred Dicker’s “Live from the State Capitol” Albany radio show, Long contrasted President Barack Obama’s visit to New Jersey in the wake of Hurricane Sandy from his “aloof, detached, and partisan” performance as President for the last 3.8 years.

She then compared his efforts to that of a Little League player awarded a trophy for participation.

“The current cultural trend to award trophies for ‘just showing up’ is one thing in Little League, but quite another in the big league, when it applies to the President of the United States.  So many Americans who were already struggling to find work and pay their bills now have to add recovering from a hurricane to their difficulties.  Where is the disaster relief for the middle class and the working class of this country?” concluded Long.

It would seem that long forget that the President had already received a trophy early on in his term – just for showing up.

Long also took a little swipe at New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, who for some reason was so surprised by the President’s actions in doing his job, that he suddenly started singing his praises in an over-the-top manner the past few days.

“It is remarkable to me that it took a disaster of this magnitude, and the loss of life, for the President to act constructively with the Governor of one of the most densely populated states in the nation.  President Obama has been absent in the state of New Jersey, unless it was for a fundraiser or campaign rally.  The rarity of this gesture from President Obama caused Governor Christie to be overly effusive to the President in front of the news media,” continued Long.

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