U.S. Gov’t Mistakenly Grants Citizenship to 858 Immigrants with Pending Deportation Orders

Rough transcript (HT Grabien):

… Immigrant set to be deported from what they call special interest countries, these are countries that are of concern for national security to the united states, they were according to this report mistakenly given citizenship because the fingerprints were not on file and they were using different dates of birth and managed to get through, 858, they say at least that many. They also point out that these people could potentially serve in law enforcement and have security clearance and that there’s an ongoing investigation. This fits, Jenna, into what the concern about screening immigrant coming into the country, let alone Syrian refugees, but this is an internal DHS report in this administration.

Jenna: Right, we are going to have to go, we have 30 seconds. just to under joar to point, these were people that were set to be deported? We lost track of them, we as the government we wanted to deport the individuals that were granted citizenship?

Yeah, they had final deportation orders and yet they’ve granted citizenship, naturalized citizens and, you know, fits in with the news we don’t know the background of this guy in New York but he’s a naturalized citizen from Afghanistan and it’s interesting that this report comes out today from the DHS IG.

Jenna: A lot to talk about and think about. See you tonight.


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