Here’s something you’re guaranteed to not hear in the mainstream media this week: U.S. forces are being pulled from an American-led coalition base in Iraq due to the defeat of ISIS in that country flash player downloaden.

Sources indicate that nearly 60 percent of American forces will be leaving Iraq, with roughly 4,000 remaining to help train that nation’s military antivirus program.

Late in 2017, reports indicated that the Islamic State had lost 98 percent of its territory in Iraq and Syria, a majority of which occurred since President Trump took control as commander-in-chief ccleaner windows 7 gratis downloaden.

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Imagine that: Obama had several years to get what he called ‘the JV team’ under control and couldn’t. Trump has had one year and he’s wiped them off the map in Iraq herunterladen.


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Assessments at that time indicated there were only around 1,000 ISIS fighters remaining in Iraq and Syria, down from 45,000 two years ago, and down from 35,000 on the day Trump was inaugurated koch spiele zum downloaden.


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As opposed to the previous administration, the White House isn’t content to let ISIS terrorists scurry off to other countries and regain strength either spotify playlist with mobile data.

Many of the U.S. troops will be sent to Afghanistan to combat the Taliban in that country.

“We’ve had a recent change of mission and soon we’ll be supporting a different theater of operations in the coming month,” U.S vorsorgevollmacht herunterladen. Army 1st Lt. William John Raymond announced.


Trump has been credited by top military commanders for relaxing the rules of engagement for enemy combatants and unleashing U.S cpu z kostenlosen. forces instead of handcuffing them in an attempt to defeat ISIS.

“Obama micromanaged the war,” former head of U.S. Air Force intelligence and retired Air Force Lt. Gen. David Deptula claimed. “We could have accomplished our objectives through the use of overwhelming air power in three months not in three years.”

No doubt the U.S. will continue to exert overwhelming power to defeat any other terrorist coalition in Afghanistan next.

Who is a better commander-in-chief – Trump or Obama? Share your thoughts below!

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