Yesterday, a reporter for the Troy Record was on the scene of an FBI raid involving an abandoned small town autobody shop.  Charles Sweeney described a scene in which State Police and FBI agents had surrounded, and eventually impounded, a Saturn coupe.

Today that investigation has led to two arrests in a bizarre terror plot that allegedly involves local Jewish organizations, and a portable X-Ray weapon that could be used to deliver lethal doses of radiation to what the accused perceived as “enemies of Israel”.

Via Fox News:

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Federal authorities have accused two upstate New York men of assembling a portable X-ray weapon they intended to use against opponents of Israel.

Prosecutors say 49-year-old Glendon Scott Crawford, of Galway, and 54-year-old Eric J. Feight, of Hudson, have been charged with conspiracy to provide support to terrorists following a yearlong undercover investigation.

Investigators say Crawford approached local Jewish organizations looking for people to help him with technology that could be used to secretly deliver damaging and even lethal doses of radiation against those he considered enemies of Israel.

The weapon was designed to remotely poison and kill targeted individuals.

Both men face up to 15 years in prison.