Just two short days after Officer Randolph Holder was gunned down in the line of duty, a group called Rise Up October is holding an anti-cop rally in the heart of Times Square.

Their goal is to “stop police terror” and honor alleged “victims of police murder.”

The organization is spearheaded by professor Cornel West of Princeton University and has thus far raised over $80,000 in donations for their police protest.

Via Fox News:

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Just two days after a career criminal allegedly gunned down NYPD officer Randolph Holder in East Harlem, and with his fellow cops still mourning, anti-police activists took to Times Square on Thursday to protest “police terror and murder.”

Holder’s murder on Tuesday night made him the fourth NYPD officer to die in the line of duty in the last year, which has also seen anti-police groups call for killing police. But the demonstrators who carried signs at 47th street and Broadway decrying “victims of police murder” seemed oblivious to the trauma felt throughout the city after Holder, an African-American and second-generation police officer, was killed trying to protect New Yorkers..

“People have had enough of the anti-cop protest, and it’s time these people go get a job and find a different agenda,” Sergeants Benevolent Association President Ed Mullins told FoxNews.com. “It’s just the arrogance of the whole thing. This is a naysayer group. If there’s a bit of intelligence put into any of this, they’d realize all their facts are incorrect.”

One prominent endorsement for the event was received by Bill Ayers, whose Weather Underground minions include individuals with ties to bombing schemes on military servicemen, and convicted cop-killers.

Numerous Black Lives Matter posters also appeared at the rally.

Retired NYPD officer and radio talk show host, John Cardillo, reported from the hospital that protesters were at the scene of where officer Officer Holder would succumb to being shot in the line of duty.

And they were cheering.