Democrat Sean Eldridge’ (NY-19) campaign seems to have fallen in total disarray, as the wealthy husband of Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes has fired his campaign manager, and staffers are openly criticizing DCCC Chairman Steve Israel for his lack of support.

One staffer even said Israel, who apparently provides Eldridge’ crew with bagels and cream cheese on a frequent basis, could “shove his crappy bagels up his ass with the cream cheese.”


Despite having outraised his opponent significantly (in part to self-funding his campaign nearly $1 million), Eldridge is still considered a long shot to beat his Republican opponent, Chris Gibson.

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As a result, campaign manager Michael Reid was fired on Friday and Eldridge has yet to find a replacement.

Down With Tyranny also reported on this:

DCCC Chairman Steve Israel, eager to keep Hughes’ money flowing, has played him for a fool, not even giving him a coveted Red-to-Blue slot until Sean went bonkers on him. “Israel doesn’t help at all,” one heartbroken staffer told me. “All he does for this campaign is ship us bagels and cream cheese every week. We’d all rather have local donuts. He can shove his crappy bagels up his ass with the cream cheese.” Apparently he isn’t the only staffer who doesn’t see things going well.

NRCC spokesman Ian Prior was quick to respond to the turmoil:

Like the self-entitled and self-unaware amateur that he is, Sean Eldridge apparently chose to take out his own shortcomings as a candidate on his staff. If Eldridge can’t competently manage a Congressional campaign funded by $1 million of his own money, it seems a lot to expect that he could competently serve as a Congressman for Hudson Valley families.

Sean Eldridge’ money won’t buy him a seat in Congress or even a competently run campaign, but he just might have to start spending more on bagels for his staff in the near future if he wants a fighting chance against Gibson.